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Immisceo: Taken

(Immisceo, #1)

Power has many forms. Magic is but one.


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Immisceo: Undone

(Immisceo, #2)

Invincibility is merely an illusion…


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immisceo release and giveaway

Immisceo: Taken — Release and Giveaway

Immisceo Release The first book in the Immisceo series is finally out! I absolutely loved bringing Luciana and Nate to life and I’m so excited to be able to share ...
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immisceo quote - fantasy series

Available for Preorder: Immisceo: Taken — Book One in an all-new Fantasy Romance Series

Immerse yourself in magic and adventure... in a new fantasy romance series Power has many forms. Magic is but one. In the land of Nosiras, the Duciti’s word is law ...
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Immisceo: Taken - book one in the fantasy series, Immisceo

Immisceo | LATEST EXCERPT from Book One in an all NEW FANTASY SERIES

He had just laid the maps out in front of him when a chorus of high-pitched screams erupted outside. He turned toward the window where the velvet blue of dusk ...
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