Posts about that annoying period between reading and writing, otherwise known as Real Life.

seven things I wish I'd known when I was younger

Seven Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Younger

Life is full of lessons. Unfortunately, there's no handbook. And let's be real: even if there was one, we probably wouldn't read it. We'd struggle along anyway, convinced that we ...
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Uncharted 4’s Nathan Drake: 5 Character Flaws We Love

Back in September, I spent three solid days shamelessly glued to the PlayStation with Uncharted 4. For those of you who aren't gamers, Uncharted is a series of role-play action-adventure ...
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Don’t dream. Just write.

EDIT: This post was written around the time I decided to take writing seriously. Before that, blogging to me was nothing more than journalling. And writing was no more than ...
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