Writer, Bookworm, Weirdo.


Shona Moyce has wanted to be a writer since the moment she discovered the magic of stringing words together, which incidentally was around birth (apparently, she popped out armed with a book and a pen).


She hails from the island of St Helena; for anyone who doesn’t know, try Google maps—yes, that’s it: the little dust-speck in the middle of the Atlantic. She has lived in Somerset, England for the best part of ten years, and is now settled in Taunton with her husband, Gary—Snore Champion 2011 to present date—and her fur-baby Phantom, a ninja-cat with a personality as big as the sky.


Shona’s debut novel, BLOOD’S VEIL, is out now and she is currently working on THE IMMISCEO SERIES, a fantasy series full of adventure and magic. Book One in the series, IMMISCEO: TAKEN, is available now. 


On average, she publishes one new article and one book review here on the blog every month. The rest of the time, when she isn’t reading or glued to the PS4 or posing as a semi-functional adult, Shona is dumping words into her latest writing projects. See what she’s up to right now.

shona moyce writer bookworm weirdo


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