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immisceo release and giveaway

Immisceo: Taken — Release and Giveaway

Immisceo Release The first book in the Immisceo series is finally out! I absolutely loved bringing Luciana and Nate to life and I’m so excited to be able to share this story with you. The World of Immisceo has been a joy to create and I hope you’ll enjoy living ...
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tools for writers

Tools for Writers – 12 Online Tools and Resources Every Writer Should Know About

Writing a book is a long, hard process often requiring nothing more than imagination and sheer determination to see your story through to completion. If you have this outlook, great. You’re well on your way. Chances are however, you’ll want to make your story the best it can be, and ...
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is Scrivener any good

Is Scrivener Any Good? 11 Reasons Why Writers Love Scrivener

Have you heard of Scrivener yet? Or have you heard of it and are wondering, Is Scrivener any good? Well, in short: it's one of the best (read: unrivalled) writing tools there is. And if you haven't heard about it on the writerly grapevine yet, first: where the hell have ...
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What I’m Working On Right Now

Want to know what I’m writing right now? Want to know how I procrastinate when I SHOULD be working on the next book?


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Shona Moyce is a self-proclaimed weirdo, proud bookworm, and author of Blood’s Veil and the fantasy series, Immisceo. Blogging here about books, writing, and occasionally, real life.

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